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Jumpy 'N Stompy

Best in Show at SCAD Global Game Jam

- My roles in this group project were Art Director, Environment Artist, Texture Artist & Web Designer -


Breakdown Blog

Jumpy 'n Stompy is a couch co-op game. You and a friend play as two torn apart plushies, who have lost all their body parts save for their torsos and heads. They were left behind in a child's play room that was devastated by a tornado. The family is packing up what remains. It's go time! You hurry to fix yourself and the other toys around you to join the ride, bringing along precious childhood memories left scattered by the storm. The game-play revolves around solving puzzles, repairing yourself by attaching your missing limbs, using and sharing the limbs you find along the way. You may often be separated from your friend, but can throw your limbs and tools to help them advance through puzzles. There are a lot of possible combinations and quirks you can do with the combination of limbs!
Programs Used - Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Unreal and Perforce


- Winter 2020 -

- Rendered in Unreal Engine 4 -

- Group Project -

Abby Johnson - Art Director - Environment Artist - Texture Artist - Web Designer

Felix Faeh - Gameplay Design - Level Design - Assistant Programming - Marketing

Eduardo Cardin - Gameplay Design - Level Design - Gameplay Tester

Kenny Guayaguil - Lead Programmer - Animation Blueprinter - Assistant Animator

Austin Edwards - Particle Artist - Assistant Designer - Assistant Programmer
Sam Hall - Character Artist - Prop Artist - Texture Artist

Liz Davis - Student Representative - Environment Artist - Texture Artist - Animation Wrangler
Liana Cannon - Sound and Music Designer - Assistant Concept Artist - Assistant 3D Modeller
Michael Marangoni - 3D Modeler - Lighting Artist - Texture Artist - Environment Artist


One of my jobs as the Art Director on this project was quickly defining and setting in stone a style we were going to go for, as the project was a Game Jam. After we came up with a concept for game play, we had to define the environment and style of modeling. Below is some of the images that I put together.

Color Palette

Another way to simplify our design was a specific color palette. In the moodboard above, the things we liked most was the way the colors were very bright and saturated mixed with more plain wood tones. In all our texturing we made sure to use these colors below to keep that mood.


To Do List

My main task on this project was as Art Director. I made this Google sheets document so that everyone knew exactly where any art was in the line of production. With such a short time of production, 48 hours, keeping track of assets was extremely important. Someone would put an asset onto the list of tasks and myself or the 4 other artists would take assets and place them and any textures into the google drive. Then I was in charge of implementing into the Engine. We used Perforce so that we could actually do it all without stepping on each others toes.


Tonka Truck

While our Character Artist, Sam made Jumpy and Stompy, we had a 3rd character that I concepted, modeled and textured. Total poly count for Tonka Truck is 5,101 with the body at 773 and the wheels each at 1082.


Below is all the art assets used in the game, showing off from the furniture, to small props, then the architecture. The assets were completed together by myself and the 4 other artists. Most of the assets were modeled and then textured by two different artists. For the most part I textured assets and approved models and textures. Some tasks included changing assets to better fit the style or guiding the original modeler to make the changes themselves.

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