Published at the 2020 Siggraph VR Theater

- My roles in this group project were Intro Midtro Lead, Environment Artist & Texture Artist  -


Breakdown Blog

Overview of my personal contribution to the SCAD project making a waiting room for 2020 Siggraph VR Theater which was published
Programs Used - Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Unreal


- Winter 2020 - Spring 2020 -

- Rendered in Unreal Engine 4 -

- Group Project -

First Concepts - Medina Fix up

The first assignment in the class was to group in smaller groups and concept our ideas for the experience. My group concepted the Medina Fix up. I was in charge of concept art seen below. I did the key concept art and also a floor plan layout. I was also responsible for finding references, I gathered images and videos describing the city of Fez in Morocco, as this was not an environment any of us were familiar with.

Group of 3 - Myself, Kaushik, Jimmy


Concept Art

First Sprint - Style Test - Firewatch Style

The second assignment is when the sprints started. I was the sprint leader for this one, as I had previous experience being a sprint lead. For this style test we looked to firewatch as a style to emulate. I did a lot of research into Campo Santo’s style. For the asset creation I was focused on furniture models and the floor model. I also set up alphas for the patterns on the furniture which I textured. In combining all our assets, I placed most of the modular assets into the scene, created the sky box and set up most of the lighting and setup the VR Pawn so that you could teleport around in the scene.

Group of 5 - Myself, Will, Sean, Jake and Luciano

Final Renders


Campo Santo's Art Style as well and other research for the art style. I found and compiled all the research.


My Assets


Floor Model, Skybox, and Lighting

The floor model, UVs and textures I did. All except the pattern was made by Will. The Skybox is procedural, Just made of gradients, made following the Campo Santo guide. The rest of the lighting is from the directional light, post processing - global illumination, additional point lights to fill, and lamps with emissives for more detail.

Alphas - Made in Illustrator

Second Sprint - Environment Art Group

The Third assignment was getting into production on the concept chosen. Because there was a lot of gaps in the concept, we spent the most of the two week sprint concepting and making decisions in terms of environment. I gathered references for portal concepts and did testing for the overall size of view of the player. The next step was blocking out. I created some assets to block out the scene.

Group of 7 - Myself, Marina, Will, Luciano, Erika, Alex, Dixon

Final Renders


Testing and Blockouts

I put together scenes for us to see different options in VR to make informed decisions on sizing and height of the environment.

Third Sprint - Intro Outro

The last sprint, I joined the Intro Outro group which was focused on defining the transitions between our project and the VR Theater Projects. I was responsible for putting together the story boards. I also tested some text things and added temp sounds to the project to convey the mood.

Group of 4 - Myself, Ziming, Jordan, Christian

Final Renders