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Victorian Library

Responsible for all assets


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Victorian Library filled with 26 different books/books series from the 1700s. Covers match the original design. Textured new and aged.
Programs Used - Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop,, and Unreal


- Fall 2018 -

- Rendered in Unreal Engine 4 -

- Responsible for all assets -


My inspiration started with wanting to model a lot of older books and what environment they would be in. These are a few of the references that I gathered to form the room as well as the large pieces of furniture.

Book References

There are 26 books here that I found on a store website that sells older books. It's my favorite way to find references. Antique stores take very high quality photos since their products are typically very pricey.


There is 26 book assets as mentioned before as well as 2 wall assets, the bookcase, bookcase door and the fireplace

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